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No matter what level of membership you choose, you will be assured of a trustworthy, professional, experienced handyperson who is ready to serve you by taking the time and worry out of caring for and preserving your beautiful home. Plus, all membership levels include:

  • Same day priority service response call back
  • 10% discount on all hourly service hours outside of the membership services.

We have two AbodioCare Plans available with varying levels of service, plus a Custom AbodioCare Plan option designed to fit your needs and budget. All plans are priced based on level of service and square footage of the home or property.

Services Included:

  • Perimeter walk inspection
  • Interior safety inspection
  • HVAC filter change & inspection for two (2) units
  • Smoke, carbon monoxide, heat detector inspection and battery replacement(s)
  • Drain cleaning for up to two (2) bathroom sinks
  • Leak inspection on all faucets and sink pipes
  • Dryer vent hose cleaning (one per visit)

Additional Membership Details:

  • Plans are based on two (2) visits per year, approximately six (6) months apart
  • New batteries for all detectors are included (you may keep old batteries or we will recycle them)
  • All other materials will be billed to the customer separately: HVAC filters and other parts for repairs or upgrades will only be purchased upon approval of customer
  • Quarterly visits are available upon request


  • Membership is automatically charged monthly to the credit card on file
  • Annual payment available and offers a 5% prepay discount

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